Why You Should Buy Your Vehicles From a Reputable Dealership

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Where you buy a new or used truck or van is crucial, though it might not seem like it. Purchasing new from any dealer you pass or buying second-hand through a private seller often isn’t the right decision. There are a lot of risks to consider that could impact your operations, which is why buying from an approved truck and van dealer is the best choice for your peace of mind.

No matter the size of your business, your vehicle or fleet is important to its success, so make sure they are of the best quality and bought from a reputable dealer. There are many benefits to finding a strong truck and van dealership like Norfolk Truck & Van, but what are they? Here is why finding a reputable dealer for your vehicle purchases is the best route for you and your business.

Good dealerships provide the best customer service

You won’t find better customer service than at a dealership with a strong reputation. Not only do they want to help their customers find the best vehicle fit for them, but they want to keep that positive reputation. 

Reputation is part of what keeps customers coming back, so providing an expert level of customer service can help to create loyal return customers. If the dealership you visit doesn’t treat you and your preferences, questions and potential concerns with respect, then chances are they’re not the one for you. 

The team at your van and truck dealership should want you to leave them feeling happy and satisfied with your purchase, and that will come with customer service tailored to your visit.

Authorised dealerships offer top expertise

If you’re unsure about what your business needs, or need a little bit of extra guidance or assurance, then a good dealership will have the expertise to help. These people will be specialists in their available vehicles and have the know-how to support and assist your decision. 

Any questions or concerns will be answered professionally if you choose to visit a reputable truck and van dealer like Norfolk Truck & Van. Their goal is for you to walk out as the owner of a brand-new or used vehicle, after all, so they’re going to do the best job they can. We will deliver expert advice to fit your queries and requirements, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need before making a decision.

Private sales are a risk

When buying a used vehicle, many lean towards private sales for the sometimes lower prices, but there are many risks that come with these sales. 

  • The vehicle may be a stolen one.
  • There may be an undisclosed fault.
  • The sale could be a scam.
  • Private sales have no warranty.
  • It could have missed a servicing job that will cause critical issues later.

These issues throw a spanner in the works for you and your business, as well as costing you money that could be used elsewhere. If you want to purchase a used vehicle with the assurance that the vehicle is in good condition and is a protected sale, choose a reputable dealership like Norfolk Truck & Van.

The best dealerships provide expert servicing

Along with the purchase of your vehicle or vehicle fleet, you’ll need a trusty service centre to rely on. Many dealers offer this service, because who better to keep your truck or van in top condition than the experts who sold it to you?

At Norfolk Truck & Van, our experienced team members can tackle any issue that may arise, as well as routine maintenance to keep you moving. Our servicing centre teams understand that your vehicles are imperative to your business, so we know how important it is to keep them running smoothly. On top of utilising the years of industry experience they have under their belts, our teams use genuine parts to ensure an excellent quality of maintenance and repairs.

Buy your new and used trucks and vans from Norfolk Truck & Van

Overlooking a reputable dealership for what seems like a better deal could result in endless issues once your vehicle is on the road. The risks you run buying private or choosing an unreliable dealer are great, and when compared with the benefits of a good dealership, it’s not worth it. For the best experience, always do your research and head to the best dealership.

At Norfolk Truck & Van, we use our combined years of industry experience to assist and advise your decision. Our experts are ready to match you with your perfect Renault or Isuzu vehicle, offering their professional opinions alongside your preferences. We have four fantastic depots and four dedicated teams all ready to help, whether it be with choosing the right truck or van for your growing fleet or with expert commercial vehicle servicing.

Are you interested in adding new or used trucks and vans to your business’ fleet? Get in touch with your local Norfolk Truck & Van depot today, operating across London, Suffolk, and Norfolk.