Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu Trucks offers a full range of trucks with wheelbases to suit most applications, designed and built to be robust and adaptable, able to suit the customers requirements.

F135.240(E) Chassis Cab
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N75.190(E) Dropside
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N75.150 Chassis Cab
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N75.150(E) Tipper
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N65.150 Chassis Cab
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N55.150(N) Chassis Cab
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A vehicle for everything

Whether you need a vehicle for your building, landscaping or arboricultural business, or are looking for a reliable truck for delivery and transport operations, with Isuzu’s selection of chassis cabs and pre-bodied vehicles, you can get a truck that will help you get the job done.

Built with the customer in mind

All Isuzu Trucks are built around the needs and requirements of the customer. With many of the UK’s leading companies choosing Isuzu, it really is a credit to the vehicles’ impressive payload capabilities, overall durability and long-term reliability.

Only the best professionals

Isuzu Trucks only works with fully-trained, highly skilled professional employees who utilise state of the art diagnostic equipment to create the sturdy, reliable trucks which many businesses have grown to love and give fleet exclusivity to.