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isuzu trucks

Isuzu, a multinational automobile manufacturer, is known for its top-quality trucks. Founded in 1916 in Japan, this industry pioneer focuses on commercial vehicles and diesel engines, specialising in building strong trucks that can go the distance. These tough trucks get the job done and are the perfect choice for businesses that require long-distance transportation.

If you’re looking to create, update or add to your vehicle fleet, then the Isuzu truck should definitely be up there on your list. They are the everyday truck, compact and powerful, a reliable machine that will see you through year after year. Ideal for every business size but perfect for smaller fleets, these robust and adaptable vehicles are ready to complete your business.

We believe that Isuzu trucks are one of the best vehicles for your business, be it the only truck you have or one of many in your fleet. Isuzu boasts many models, each with its own benefits and draws, which is why we’re proud to sell a range of Isuzu trucks, new and secondhand, to our customers.

Chassis cabs

A chassis cab is a truck that comes with the cab and chassis rails but without the cargo bed or preassembled flatbed. This allows drivers to attach their own equipment, such as apparatus and storage containers, making them customisable to levels that other small trucks cannot achieve. Our Isuzu chassis cabs range at Norfolk Truck & Van features a variety of models to suit your requirements.

This vehicle type is ideal for a wide variety of industries due to its adaptability, whether you’re transporting your machinery from one job to another, or loading up an attached cargo box for your moving company. Many small and one-person businesses opt for a chassis cab truck as they’re able to easily upfit it for their needs whenever necessary.

Tipper trucks

Sometimes more commonly referred to as a dump truck, a tipper truck has the capability to tip its bed up. These trucks are used mostly in the construction world, as well as in landscaping, arboriculture, waste management, and more. The Isuzu tippers in our range prove very popular with businesses in several sectors, with their sturdy and tough builds making them perfect for both urban and rural environments.

Dropside trucks

A dropside truck is defined by its short folding sides that can be dropped via hinges, allowing for easy loading and unloading. The sides drop lower than the deck, making it easier for forklifts to load and unload without causing damage to the sides or hinges. 

This truck design is a must-have for many businesses, both large and small, whether it’s the only truck used or part of a large fleet of vehicles. These trucks are excellent when used to transport machinery and apparatus from one location to another, as well as moving materials and waste. We offer two excellent Isuzu dropside trucks, both ideal for supporting your business venture.

Isuzu trucks at Norfolk Truck & Van

No matter the size of your business, an Isuzu truck is a valuable asset to add. Their strong and sturdy design makes them ideal for a wide number of industries and sectors, no matter the model you choose. Whether it’s a chassis cab, a tipper, or a dropside. We stock a range of brand-new and used Isuzu trucks, all top-of-the-line in quality, ready to upgrade your business or your existing vehicle fleet to higher levels.

Get in touch today by giving your local depot a call, or use our simple online form to enquire about our vehicles. Our expert team are here to help with their years of combined experience, prepared to answer any questions you may have.