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Renault, an automobile and motor carrier manufacturer, is famous for its beautifully designed private and commercial vehicles across the world. With its roots in France, Renault came to be back in 1898 when Louis Renault built his own car and drove it up Rue Lepic in Montmartre, the steepest road in Paris. Louis immediately received orders for more, and his two brothers started the Renault Group. This was the very start of the Renault brand we respect and love today.

Renault doesn’t just make cars. Their range of vans and trucks are favourites in the business world, designed to get the job done no matter what. With these vehicles’ comfort, practicality and ingenious design, they’re built to be an asset to you and your business, whether you require just one or an entire fleet for your team. 

We believe that Renault vans and trucks are one of the best choices to support your business. Renault boasts an entire range of models, each with its own fantastic benefits, which is why we’re proud to sell our favourite Renault truck and Renault van models to you.

Renault Master

Versatile, practical and tough, the Renault Master is the perfect vehicle for any job. This vehicle comes in a range of function styles, of which we offer the chassis cab, platform cab, panel van, minibus, and combi van. Each of these has been designed with specific requirements in mind, so all your business needs are covered in the range.

The Renault Master has all the practical benefits of a van with all the style and ease of a passenger car. The dashboard is simple to use and the van’s features are perfect for enhancing your operations. Choose the vehicle body type that best suits your business expectations and let the Master lead the way in optimising your output.

Renault Trafic

A combination of comfort and practicality is what makes the Renault Trafic. This excellent van comes in a range of versions, including the chassis cab, platform cab, panel van, minibus, and combi van designs. Each of these functions has been created to allow you freedom in choosing whichever style better suits your business requirements.

This van has been made for the business owners. With the panel van design, the van comes complete with a mobile office in the front, featuring a fold-down panel to use as a surface for your notes or laptops. Work on the go with the Renault Trafic and watch your business grow.

Renault D Wide

An incredible vehicle for bigger jobs, the Renault D Wide trucks are structural masterpieces. With a range of wheelbases to choose from, this truck is designed to meet your business needs with ease and safety.

This truck offers many features to optimise your operations including cameras, radars, adaptive cruise control, drowsiness alerts, speed assistance, and other incredibly useful tools. As an added advantage, Renault trucks are also fuel-efficient. Their engines have been designed with proven technology to reduce fuel consumption to save you money.

This really is a vehicle for every job, with an incredible level of adaptability. Its chassis cab design means you can choose what is fixed to the back, making it a perfect example of versatility and a true asset to your business. Get in touch today to learn more about what you can do with the Renault D Wide truck.

Renault D

Another vehicle in the D range, this truck is the perfect all-rounder for any business size. With a narrower cab than its D Wide counterpart, this truck handles brilliantly, making it perfect for both urban and rural use. At Norfolk Truck & Van, we offer various wheelbases for this truck model to suit your needs, while the bed remains empty for you to customise.

As with all of the Renault trucks, the engine is designed with expert technology to reduce your fuel consumption. This saves you money and does a bit of good for the environment, along with its 9% reduction of emitted greenhouse gases.

Renault K

A heavy-duty truck, the Renault K is for extreme jobs and environments. Its design is robust and tough, allowing it to endure where other vehicles won’t. We offer six different models of the K along with their configurations, so you can select the perfect truck for your business. 

With boxes pre-equipped to take advantage of available remote services, you’ll be able to continue operating in any condition. These trucks have incredible features, including a steel diesel tank for off-road driving, headlight shields, mechanical suspension from 8T to 10T, and an Optidriver gearbox. Made for working on challenging terrains, these trucks are ideal for quarries, mud and uneven surfaces. 

Renault C

Versatile and efficient, the Renault C trucks are firm favourites for a wide range of businesses. From deliveries to construction sites, these sturdy vehicles have what you need to optimise your operations. This truck boasts a short turning radius for tight turns and difficult site access, making it perfect for both urban and rural environments.

Featuring radar, cameras, automatic headlights and wipers, and hillside assist, this truck is here to make your job easier. Driver fatigue warnings, lane departure warnings and an automatic emergency braking system create a safe truck for both the driver and those around the vehicle. Mechanical anti-intrusion locks and a tire pressure monitoring system complete the Renault C, cementing it as one of the best trucks available today.

Renault T

When it comes to regional transport, the Renault T is your answer. Comfortable and capable, this incredibly efficient truck is made for long-distance journeys and provides you with a place to rest on breaks. Storage, a mattress, a built-in fridge and more, the features within the cab are there to combine comfort and ergonomics, to help you get optimal rest ready for the next drive.

This truck features radar detection and cameras for ultimate visibility around the vehicle, along with automatic headlights and windscreen wipers. The truck offers many of the other Renault truck benefits including speed assistance, driver fatigue detection and lane departure warnings, all crucial when driving on the road for long periods.

Renault T High

Much like the standard Renault T, the T High is a long-distance vehicle with a comfortable cabin for only the best driving experience. This truck is built for national and international journeys and is famous for its reliability and popularity with long-distance drivers. 

The T High has all the same benefits as the T, including cameras, fatigue warnings, and an outfitted cab with a swivel seat for relaxing during breaks. If your business requires vehicles that need to go the distance, then a truck from the T range would make a fantastic addition to your fleet. 

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No matter the business, job or project, a Renault truck or van is an invaluable asset. Their strong, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing designs make them a match for those looking to upgrade their operations. We stock a wide range of brand-new and used Renault vans and trucks to support your growing business, whether it’s your only vehicle or an addition to a growing fleet.

Our expert team are here to help with their years of combined experience, prepared to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today by giving your local depot a call, or use our simple online form to enquire about our Renault vehicles.